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"from so simple a beginning
endless forms most beautiful and most wonderful
have been, and are being, evolved"

C. Darwin



Forma LMS 2.4.4

This is the latest stable release, only available to Association Members and Contributors.
Read below the detailed list of changes and improvements



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Forma LMS 2.3

Public stable release, available for everyone to download.
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Forma LMS 2.4.1

Main fixes included in this maintenance release:

  • #19016 - test objects: fixed issue about mandatory answer on Edge and IE
  • #19437 - IO task - add user language import to userconnector
  • #19504 - Add username in password recovery email
  • #19535 - fixed dataTables pagination in grade book detail
  • #19547 - Added enroll policy management in docebousers connector
  • #19563 - Move htmlpurifier cache folder into forma twig cache folder
  • #19569 - Mycourses - order categoy filter alphabetically
  • #19567 - Free registration with manual code - any code accepted
  • #19575 - My courses - include category in filter search
  • #19609 - Upgrader - bug upgrade 1.3 - 2.x
  • #19611 - Disable some notification events
  • #19614 - Can't delete single certificates
  • #19615 - Manage additional tabs in the mycertificate page
  • #19619 - Edit profile - bug with allow all and disallow mode
  • #19612 - Fixed and improved algorithm for computing catalogue tree
  • #19617 - Role creation for menu error
  • #19620 - User registration - error with uppercase in email field
  • #19622 - Issue with course newsletter recipient
  • #19669 - Bug Fixes template side
  • #19671 - removed external http call to Yui library
  • #19675 - revert on API authentication check change.

Plus other minor fixes and improvements

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Looking for SUPPORT?

forma.lms is a beautiful piece of software, with lots of features and configuration options, but for this same reason
you may need some help, or need some custom development, or maybe you could stumble into some small bug

In these cases, you have two choices:

Join the community forum for
FREE SUPPORT community 400px
The community forum is very active, with 4000+ members and over 12.000 messages.
Just get in and see what happens (but please remember people here are volunteering, so always be patient and polite)
Ask the Forma Partners for 
The project founders and developers can provide professional services to support your adventure with Forma LMS.
If you are in a hurry or need an easy solution for a complex situation, well these are the guys you were looking for!



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