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Academy Management: Managing a Successful Digital Academy

Making your users happy: this is the secret ingredient for the success of your digital academy, and you'll get there only by creating effective support services. Now, where do we start?


Helpdesk, content, process tutoring, reporting, customer care ... it's what you need to make your sales ecosystem work.
And we shouldn't forget about technology, which needs constant care and attention, or it will abandon you and you'll be in trouble.

Finally, if your Digital Academy is also a business area for your organization, then it is essential to constantly take care of the commercial and promotional processes.

Here are, in short, the 3 main aspects you need to focus on:

1. Service Management

Managing support services such as helpdesk, mentoring and back office is a particularly relevant topic for the overall success of your Digital Academy project.
Your users should take part in the processes that require cognitive commitment and collaboration: if they feel alone, they'll leave you. Develop efficient procedures and carefully organize these services in order to assist and accompany them on their journey. In this way, they'll certainly participate willingly and with satisfaction. It will pay off!

2. Technical Management

Elearning is based on servers, devices, browsers, standards.

The world of digital technologies is constantly evolving and presents an enormous level of complexity; for this reason, it's perfectly normal for small technical problems to come up frequently, and it's therefore essential to update these services and provide maintenance:

  • Be ready: make sure you have a maintenance and support system that allows you to intervene promptly. Problems manifest themselves more easily at times of peak usage, and restoring a service in the middle of an expiring course could be really complicated and costly.
  • Anticipate and Prevent: If you regularly take care of technology...technology will take care of your projects. Provide a periodic and frequent software update plan: if you let your infrastructure become obsolete, the update will take much more time and will be more expensive.

3. Sales & Customer Management

Are you an elearning service provider? Then customer management, marketing and the promotion of your services never stop and should be part of your digital academy's management routine. The elearning market is very competitive, there are new competitors every day and every day there are new courses, new features, services and methodologies to promote.

In order for yout academy to maintain your positioning and cultivate its reputation, the strategy and marketing plan you have prepared needs to be applied daily.

Building Digital Academies: Download our Practical Guide by Goals

 After 15 years of experience and hundreds of small and large digital academies created together with our customers, today we have summarized all our working method in a small ebook, a "practical guide by goals", summarizing and synthetically organizing all the important things to know and do to build and manage a successful Corporate Digital Academy.


20 Pages, 4 Sections, 12 Topics, 31 Goals to be achieved, illustrated through a series of key questions and very practical indications that will help you design a tailor-made guided path for you, without leaving anything out.

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